Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's Saturday, so I went to the Planned Pethood adoption event and took pictures of the dogs and puppies.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Pioneer Woman is a blog I read daily. She's a city girl that married a country boy and they live on a ranch. She's all about the things I love, photography, food, her kids, dogs and husband and finding the finer things in a rural world. She issued a challenge today to photograph something fall-y with bokeh. I'll have to say bokeh is some of my favorite styles and so today I went to Pearson Park of the Toledo Metroparks system The leaves haven't started to change much yet, but I did get a few good shots of in bokeh style. I see their entries for their annual contest are open starting in October. Maybe I'll actually enter a few.


Our summer project for the PC Photography club was to spell out name in pictures. This was my "S". I actually had another, but I loved the bokeh of this shot and change the picture at the last minute.

Monday, September 14, 2009


A rather unique opportunity today. My niece's boyfriend and his family have restored a couple of antique tractors. Today they got together with some others that restore antique tractors and plowed a field. They asked me to come out and take pictures.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's a Saturday, so it must be time for a Planned Pethood adoption event. The cute little black and white dog is Lucky. And a lucky boy he is. He was found with a baseball sized hernia that was about to burst. PPI had emergency surgery done on him.

The beagle is Miss Blue. She is the mom of one of our puppies, Kreuger. Miss Blue had impaled herself on some type of metal rod which had to be removed by emergency surgery.


This lovely GSD was a beloved family pet. Her owner went into a nursing home and gave her to some people thinking that they would love her like she did. Well they tied her up outside under a tree. Some neighbors were concerned and called the dog warden. The family said they would turn her over to a rescue group and Planned Pethood agreed. I had Amber at my house for a hour before my husband took her up to Toledo. Good thing I didn't keep her longer, I was in love. She plays ball and even tosses the ball back to you like my foster dog Ariel. Ariel and Amber could have entertained each other for hours.


Been away a while. Working a lot at the paying job. The woman that works opposite me had surgery and then when she was about to come back to work had a death in her family so took some more time off for that. So I've been picking up a couple of extra days of work every 2 weeks. At least it will be nice chunk of change coming in for a few weeks. One morning when I came home from work I saw this spider web on my husband's truck. And with my camera right there I snapped a few pictures of it.