Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yesterday I had a shocker. I was suppose to pick up my crate from the pound. I had left it there when I transported a couple of dogs a week before. But I over slept and didn't get there to pick it up. I was shopping when I got a call from them saying that had something in it that was mine. Small, black, smooched in face. All I could think was Chicklet my maltese/shish tzu got out. As it ended up it was my FIL's pug Buttons. My MIL had died last summer and he said he was too depressed and the dog reminds him of her too much. I am devastated that he took her to the pound and didn't call me. Fortunately the rescue she was adopted from took her back and I got her into a foster home last night. Sigh, just when you think you know people.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Pictures with Santa today. And the little pit bull puppy that was rescued from the infamous Lucas County dog pound by Planned Pethood's executive director Nikki Morey was there. So I had to get a few pictures of her.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Well it's almost been a year, and I'm getting very picky about what I post. Today I went to Petsmart. My weekend to work, but a couple of people wanted to see my foster dog Ariel, and if it gets her adopted I'll adjust my sleeping schedule. And since I had my camera hanging around my neck, I got roped into taking a few pictures. I had my nifty 50 lens on. I don't use it much, but after today I think I'll be using it much more often. I snapped these of my friend's daughter. She's becoming a little ham when she sees the camera. I converted them to B&W because next month for camera club out assignment is B&W portraits.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I did Pictures with Santa today. I figure I did 22, with $5 for each going to Planned Pethood A friend had to play Santa for about an hour when my son decided he had developed a severe allergy to the Santa suit and her daughter quickly got over her Santa phobia. She was playing with Santa's hat and glasses when I took this shot


Another picture of the beagle/basset baby, now in rescue. Oh I could have kept this one he was so cute.


Is there anything cuter than a beagle/bassett puppy?