Sunday, August 30, 2009


Admittedly I've been bad taking pictures the last couple of weeks and posting them. The woman that works opposite weeks of me had surgery so I worked a few extra days. Then her mother in law died and they were having the memorial service on the day she was to return, so I'm getting in a few more extra days. So the next couple of checks will look nice a least, but not must chance for anything else. I did get to attend a Planned Pethood event. They had just picked up this cute little guy at the pound and brought him over to get a picture taken. I managed to get this one picture of him on my second try, while he was sitting with the woman that decided to adopt him. The picture was too good not to share.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sometimes I get really good pictures of dogs and before I get them posted the dogs get adopted and no one gets to see them. Such is the case of these pictures I took today. Alexis the little terrier mix didn't even have a picture posted. A family saw her and she was adopted out by noon. Missy is a dog that came into the program in terrible shape. She was nothing but an oozing sore from head to tail when the Brooks family took her in to foster. Well they couldn't bear adopting her out and she became a member of their family today. Princess the poodle we a repeat visitor at the pound I pull from. The dog warden thought it would be best for Princess to find more responsible owners and she came into our program. Twink the bischon has a couple of good applications and so her adoption is pending.


Went out late at sunset with the dogs to play some ball and take some pictures tonight. Chicklet the little maltese mix let me snap a few and Ariel our foster dog was running around. She wasn't interested in playing ball since we didn't have a yellow tennis ball outside. Scout one of the JRTs posed for me too.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Well I missed WW last night because I got into town late. And I was going to go today to WW, but got up late. So I took a picture of the scale anyway. I may go try to find someplace I can just weigh in at today. But looks like I should be down again this week. I say should be because when I went last week my official WW weight stayed the same as the previous week even though I was down on he scale at home.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Looks like I might make it 3 weeks in a row. And that was after doing pretty good through the weekend. Monday I just had to have one of those new Swiss Mushroom Angus burgers at McDonald's on Monday noon and a trip to DQ on Monday night. You just can't do it every day. Everything in moderation.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today was our photo clubs potluck. Then naturally what does a bunch of photographers do when they're having a picnic next to an old cemetery (we're talking the oldest tombstone someone saw was for a man that fought in the revolutionary war). One of our monthly themes for the upcoming year is black and white cemetery pictures. I'm not real happy with any of them. Still think I need to go over to Johnson's Island to photograph the civil war prisoner cemetery there. Then afterwards we went to downtown Milan which is built around a central park and all of the buildings are historically restored.


Well another Saturday and another PPI adoption event. I took pictures of these too cuties. Daisy the cockapoo was adopted the next day by a family that had adopted another little white dog I had brought in the same day as Daisy. She probably would have adopted Daisy too, but there was another family that applied for her. That fell through when they returned Daisy, so the family from Illinois came to adopt Daisy. Sonny is a husky mix that came in with a PPI tag on. No one remembers him being in the program previously, but since he had a tag on we took him in. He's a active boy that needs another dog around as a buddy.