Sunday, February 28, 2010


How is it that my foster puppies always seem to have the worst pictures. I took Crystal out in the snow today to get some pictures of her. She's a 10 week old lab/spaniel/collie mix. What a cute little fluff ball. She is available for adoption with Planned Pethood


For some reason the cold of winter doesn't inspire me to go out and take photos. Well I did go take pictures of the PPI dogs today. There are over 40 puppies in the program right now. There is a litter of puppies that were rescued from the Lucas county dog pound when they were just 2 1/2 weeks old. Before they would have called them pit mixes and they never would have seen the light of day. But thankfully times are changing and PPI was able rescue them. This little cutie peered over the shopping cart and I got her picture. And the other pup is Cupcake. Also with Planned Pethood I rescued Cupcake and her litter mates from the Ottawa county pound earlier in the week. I'm fostering Crystal, a litter mate.